Friday, February 6, 2015

you have to take yourself with you

There used to just be three of us in our little clan.  Two grown ups and one very demanding lovely toddler. I thought I would blog about our lives mostly as an outlet for my thoughts during the day since said toddler wasn't into discussions that branched away from Elmo or Caillou.  I also liked the thought of having a record for us to look back on later. It took a little of my "rare" spare time but I liked it. 

Then we moved.  Then we had another baby.  Then we moved again.  Then we had another baby. Bye bye spare time, it's been real.  No time to write, no time to read, don't even ask me how many times I shower in a week.  (Side note - that is not a cliche, talking about the reduction in showers once you have kids. That is a fact you can take to your grave. Side note #2 - I happen to love being home with three little people but oh my sweet aunt they never. slow. down). it turns out, I still need the outlet, lots of time or not.  As my girlfriends back in Dallas like to say, you have to take yourself with you.  And this self needs to write, three kids and all. I have Thoughts that are spinning circles in my little head and they need to GET OUT.  They are not Big Important Thoughts.  I am not a scholar. I do not run a huge company or travel to interesting and exotic places, although taking three children to the grocery store should be considered an Olympic event. But the Thoughts are there.

So here we are, resurrected from several years of silence. I spent a long time trying to figure out a new and improved name for the new and improved blog that I'm sure will be filled with new and improved material but I just couldn't think of anything that seemed appropriate for this new and improved stage in our lives. I complained about this to the hubs, who gently pointed out that there are, in fact, three of them now.  Three pint-sized humans taking up the majority of available real estate in our house, which was at a premium to begin with.

This is what my life looked like when this blog began:

Look at me! I can climb a mountain and go to the ocean WHILE PREGNANT. I mean, I feel tired and a little sick but I will persevere through these hardships. Oh silly, unsuspecting, well-rested twenty-somethings. Bless it.

This is what my life looks like now: 

Improvement, no?  Indeed.  I'm not really sure what this will look like in the future but I'm glad it's back up and running.  I think I said that the last time I started writing again. But this time I mean it, I swear.

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The Rubinson Clan said...

And this time I'll read it (since I didn't know you the last time you posted). Can't wait to read your thoughts!